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Yogi of the Month - Sharon

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Hey there I Use Yoga family! Welcome to our new blog and the first I Use Yoga Yogi of the Month spotlight. Every month we are going to be showcasing one member of our community who we feel has truly embraced the I Use Yoga lifestyle. We are nothing with out our relationships, so we want to give back and highlight those who have not only brought yoga into their lives, but continue to push themselves and make the world a better place. Our first Yogi of the Month is Sharon, where you can read more about her story below:

"My relationship with yoga, the ancient practice of health and well being, started when I was a Junior in High school, 7 years ago. I began taking classes about once a week. After a year, the yoga studio quickly became my second home. My first instructor, Aaron Fenton, taught me how to take what I learn on the mat and apply it to life off the mat. One of the most sacred things he taught me was to live in the present. Aaron helped me realize how balance, stillness and presence can be integrated into my life. He pushed me to become a mentally tougher and physically stronger individual. He taught me how to use yoga and every day I use yoga for whatever I need in that particular day. Each day, I dedicate my practice to him. Nowadays, you will see me on my mat once or even twice a day but it is the lessons I take off my mat and apply to my life that are the most crucial. Yoga has molded me into the person I am today and it has become the utmost positive addiction in my life. Addiction with intention- the intent to stay consciously present all throughout my life, both on and off my mat."