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Yogi of the Month - Kennedi

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My personal experience with yoga has made me a happy and calm individual. I started yoga about a year ago, at 13 years old, and I have been dedicated ever since. I try to get to my mat as much as I can. Yoga is my happy place and a place where I can escape my busy life and relax. I have learned to be present and enjoy life. I have also learned to take the things I learn on my mat and integrate them into my every day life. Yoga has helped me build physical and mental strength which has given me confidence to be a better version of myself. Yoga has changed me for the better and I am grateful to be able to have this peaceful practice.


Yogi of the Month - Sharon

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Hey there I Use Yoga family! Welcome to our new blog and the first I Use Yoga Yogi of the Month spotlight. Every month we are going to be showcasing one member of our community who we feel has truly embraced the I Use Yoga lifestyle. We are nothing with out our relationships, so we [...]

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